Mike Carbonaro

Mike Carbonaro rocks because he has a passion for teaching, and compassion for his students. Mr. Carbonaro, or Carbo as he is affectionately referred to by staff and students, loves math, and his enthusiasm for his subject matter is evident and infectious. Knowing that this is not always a subject that comes easily for many students, Carbo always looks to find ways to engage students using media and technology they can relate to. While he is a dynamic teacher in the classroom, Mr. Carbonaro spends countless hours developing resources to help support his students outside of the classroom. He frequently podcasts or "vodcasts" his lessons so absent students, or students who were confused, can watch the lesson again. He uses various smartphone apps to communicate with students, assign homework, administer tests, and monitor student progress. Using technology that students are comfortable with helps Carbo reach his students and teach them high level concepts. Moreover, Carbo takes time to get to know his students, their interests, and their needs. He takes the time to make a genuine connection with his students for no other reason than that he truly cares about each one of them. He makes himself available for extra help often, and will design specific strategies to help individual students realize his/her true potential. Mike Carbonaro is an excellent teacher and a great person whose ultimate goal is to instill confidence and self-worth in each of his students. He is truly deserving of this award.