Your Cooking Questions Answered

This week on What’s for Dinner Joe answers some of our listeners cooking questions.

Q: My wife and I dispute when we make breakfast sausage, I like it nice and brown on the outside and a little pink on the inside. Is this ok? How should I make it?

A: Put the sausage in rapid boiling water to par cook. Then remove the sausage from the water, pat dry and add the sausage to a frying pan to finish cooking. The sausage is fully cooked when it reaches an internal tempature of 145 to150 degrees.

Q: I have been making a lot of cheese boards, what type of cheeses pair well together?

A: Joe suggests making a cheese board with a nice variety of cheeses. He would suggest 1/3 hard, 1/3 semi-soft and 1/3 soft. You should label your cheeses when serving them, that way your guests will know what they are eating.

Q: I love making soup at night for the next day, I'm usually done so late I just put it right in the refrigerator. Is this ok? Can you give me some tips on how to properly store the soup?

A: The soup should be fully cooled before you put it in the refrigerator.One way to cool the soup down is to put the pot in an ice bath for 20 minutes. If you freeze water bottles you can clean them off and then place them directly in the pot of soup. Once the soup cools to room temp it is safe to go in the refrigerator.

Q: You talk about cooking with cast iron, can you walk me through the cleaning process?

A: No water and no soap. If you use soap you will never get the soap taste off the pot. The best thing to do is wipe the cast-iron pan or pot with a paper towel.

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