Mother Sauces

This week on What’s for Dinner Joe answers some questions and he talks Mother Sauces.

Q: I'm going to try and make Chicken Paprikash, What is the best Paprika?

A: The most important thing is to make sure the Paprika is fresh, it tends to loose its flavor quickly. There are two types of Paprika, Spanish and Hungarian.Either would work well for this recipe.

Q: Can you explain the garlic peeling trick again?

A: Sure! Take a stainless steel bowl and smash an entire bulb of garlic. Then place the bulb of garlic in the stainless steel bowl and cover with a second stainless steel bowl of the same size. Holding the edges of the bowls together, vigoresly shake the garlic between the two bowls.

Q: How do you make Uncle Eugenes Meatloaf?

A: Our answer is from Uncle Eugene himself!!

1/3-pork,1/3 beef, 1/3 veal Onions, sauted Eggs, 1 per lb Bread Crumbs Parsley Grated Parmigano Pecorino Romano BBQ Sauce

Combine the meat mixture with the onions once they have cooled. Then add the remaining ingredients, using your hands blend all of the ingredients together. Put the meatloaf mixture into a loaf pan and cook in the oven at 350 until the meatloaf reaches an internal tempature of 160 degrees.


Hot 1. Bechamel 2. Veloute 3. Tomato 4. Espagnole 5. Hollandaise

Cold 1. Mayonnaise 2. Vinaigrette


Base: Milk (Usually Whole Milk)

Thickening Agent: White Roux (Flour and Butter)

Flavorings: White Onion, Clove, Bay Leaf, Salt, White Pepper, Nutmeg

Secondary Sauces: Cream Sauce, Mornay, Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Mustard Sauce, Nantua

Served With: Eggs, Fish, Steamed Poultry, Steamed Vegetables, Pastas, Veal


Base: White Stock, such as, Veal, Chicken or Fish

Thickening Agent: Classically a Roux, but sometimes also a Liason is used.

Flavorings: None, used specifically as a base

Secondary Sauces: Sauce Vin Blanc (White Wine Sauce), Sauce Supreme, Sauce Allemande, Sauce Poulette, Sauce Bercy, Sauce Normandy

Served With: Eggs, Fish, Steamed Poultry, Steamed Vegetables, Pastas, Veal


Base: Raw Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Tomato Puree, Stewed Tomatoes

Thickening Agent: Classically a Roux, modern versions use a reduction or purees

Flavorings: Salt Pork, Mirepoix, Garlic, White Veal Stock, Salt & Pepper, Sugar

Served With: Pasta, Fish, Vegetables, Polenta, Veal, Chicken, Breads and Dumplings such as Gnocchi.


Base: Veal Stock or Chicken Stock

Thickening Agent: Brown Roux

Flavorings: Mirepoix, Bay Leaf, Fresh Thyme, Parsely, Tomato Puree

Secondary Sauces: Demi-Glace, Bordelaise, Sauce Robert, Lyonnaise, Sauce Madeira, Sauce Bercy, Sauce Chasseur

Served With: Roasted meats, such as beef, duck, veal, lamb


Base: Egg Yolks and Butter

Thickening Agent: Emulsification

Flavorings: Black Peppercorns, White Wine Vinegar, Salt, Lemon Juice, Cayenne Pepper

Secondary Sauces: Bearnaise, Maltaise, Mousseline, Foyot, Choron…Also check out this post on How to Make Mayonnaise and Its Derivatives, which is based on the hollandaise technique.

Served With: Eggs Benedict, Vegetables, light poultry dishes, fish.

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