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Matt Knight's Top 10 Definitive Ways to Spend Thanksgiving

Our very own Matt Knight debates some Thanksgiving traditions and weighs in on what wins!

Traveling vs Staying Home 

"I have to travel as my family is from New York City.  Plus, I have NO plans on cooking a feast at my house.  Far too lazy."

Winner:  Traveling


The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade vs The National Dog Show
"Nothing says 'Thanksgiving' like a...DOG SHOW???  Gimme that inflatable Kermit the Frog balloon all day."

Winner:  The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade


Napping vs Socializing 
"I'm all for socializing, until the booze and tryptophan kick in.  Then, there's a good chance I'll fall asleep mid-sentence."

Winner:  DRAW (but nap is close)


Beer vs Wine
"I'm not sure if I'm allowed to discuss what my choice of intoxicant is.  But, if I'm FORCED into a corner to answer....tequila."

Winner: DRAW 


Cooking vs Catering 
"I get it why some people would cater, but nothing like my mother's rice and chopped meat stuffing.  It owns your mother's stuffing."

Winner: (mom's) Cooking


Main Dish vs Dessert 
"Dessert?  People actually have room for that?  I'll try that on Sunday morning."

Winner:  Main Dish


Cowboys vs Raiders 
"You're asking a Giants fan.  Clearly my allegiance goes with the Silver and Black here.  The Cowboys can go stuff it."

Winner:  Raiders 



Winner:  Lounging in Sweats 


Shopping vs Sleeping In 
 "Two words.  CYBER MONDAY.  Keep your hordes of stampeding deal-seekers.  I'll be awake in time for Saturday."

Winner:  Sleeping In 


Leftovers vs Your Huge Stomach
 "The food's going to go bad so you....HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  I'm sorry, I just looked back at the "working out" question again.   As I was saying, the food is going to go bad so there's no sweatpants that are big enough to handle turkey sandwiches for the next week. "

 Winner:  Leftovers (om nom nom!)

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