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Top 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

With temperatures in the 90's for the third day in a row, New Jersey is in heatwave mode! 100.1 WJRZ offers some fun ways and helpful tips to beat the heat this summer!

10.  Know Your Cool Spots
Your body is equipped with Pulse Points-areas where you can feel your pulse because your blood vessels are close to the surface of your skin.  Because they are so close, you can also cool off your blood and body temperature by getting the area in contact with cool water.  Your neck and wrists are the two most common pulse points, in addition to your temple, inside of your elbows and knees, and the tops of your feet!
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9.  Get Cultured
Visit a museum, visit the fishes at the aquarium, or check out a documentary.  Take advantage of the air conditioning while learning something new!
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8.  Shop Till You Drop
You won't be dropping from the heat in the air conditioned comfort of your local mall!  The only thing that might make you sweat is the tally of your receipts at the end of the day!
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7.  Get a Brain Freeze
Ice cream, Italian Ice, Frozen Yogurt...indulge in a frozen treat to keep you cool and comforted!  You can even make your own Popsicles with some paper cups, some wooden sticks and a freezer!
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6.  Cool Off Your Car
You know that awful feeling when you get in your car after it been parked in the sweltering sun for hours?  Use this Japanese trick to bring the high temperatures down in your car before you burn your seat on the seats!

Roll down a window on a side of the car. Let's go with the driver's side window. Go to the opposite side door (in this case, passenger side) and open/close it 5 times. Just do this normally.

SCIENCE: What we're doing here is to help circulate air by drawing the hot air out from the opening/closing door, and causing the cool(er) air to enter the car. Don't accidentally jam your hand against the door. Also, do this when nobody is next to your door so you don't slam it into them.
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5.  Movie Marathons
As a general rule, movie theaters always seem to have the AC cranked up so high that it requires you to dig out your winter sweaters from the back of your closet. Take in a matinee to escape the prime hours of the sun.
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4.  Turn on the Water Works
Sprinklers, local pools, water parks, water balloons, slip and slides, and super soakers are all wet and wild ways to cool off no matter your age.
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3.  Indulge in Laziness
Skip the chores:  leave the laundry dirty, don't wash the dishes, order some takeout.  Much of the heat in your home comes from heat-generating sources within it like the washer and dryer and oven.  Just relax and rest in the high temps.
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2.  Spice it Up
Oddly enough, eating hot stuff can cool you down. Chili peppers contain capsaicin, a chemical compound that helps us to perspire more easily.  When this sweat evaporates, you experience brief relief.
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1.  Hit the Beach
With 130 miles of coastline in New Jersey spanning from Sandy Hook to Cape May, you're never far from toes in the cool sand, a sea breeze, and the roar of the cool ocean.
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