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O.J. Simpson - 20 Years Later (VIDEO)

On June 17th, 1994, O.J. hopped in the White Bronco and drove into history.

You know you remember EXACTLY where you were when it happened.  The night of June 17th, 1994...20 years ago to the day. 

The New York Rangers were finishing their day down the "Canyon of Heroes" at their Stanley Cup Parade.  The New York Knicks were playing game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Houston Rockets at Madison Square Garden...

...then, the "split-screen" happened.  On one half was the Knicks/Rockets game.  The other half was the low-speed chase down Highway 5 in California with Al Cowlings at the wheel of the white Ford Bronco and O.J. Simpson in the back with a gun to his head.  Fans would leave their seats at the basketball game to go watch the TV's in the corridors and what was unfolding with "The Juice." 

Remember this?  Of course you do.

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