In 8th grade I started my own "radio station" when I began doing the morning announcements over the school PA system.  In addition to announcing all the important news of the day ("Today's lunch choices includes beenie-weenie casserole!"), I would play a song or two and work a few jokes in as well.  Think Bill Murray's character in “Meatballs” and you get the idea. 

I decided to put a suggestion box in the office for people to make requests.  One day I received a very specific request. "We want to hear live coverage of TJ getting hit by a bus." Needless to say I was very popular. But I didn't want to let me "fans" down, so I took my cassette recorder, a blank tape, and my microphone and rode my bike to the busiest highway intersection I could find, and with the sound of cars whooshing by at high speed, I acted out the greatest traffic accident the Jersey Shore had ever seen - or heard. 

The following Monday at 7:55am I cracked the mic and said, "As requested, here is live coverage of me getting hit by a bus." I played back the tape, and as it ended I swear you could hear the thunderous applause all the way down the block. Always give the people what they want.

Thirty-something years later and I still aim to please, and fortunately it's less getting hit by busses and more playing Jersey's Greatest Hits on 100.1 WJRZ!