“I thought my kids would think I’m the coolest dad ever for being on the radio”


TJ Bryan started his radio career at the tender age of 14, before radio was invented.  Using two tin cans, some string, and his close-and-play record player he would broadcast to the family dog for hours.   Eventually someone decided to pay him to stop bothering the dog and put him on a real radio station instead.


During his career TJ has been on some of New Jersey’s best radio stations.  He took a break from radio for a while to work for a record company, but felt compelled to return when he realized that he kept introducing every song that came on in the car.


He thinks pizza is nature’s perfect food, followed closely by bacon.  TJ’s first concert was the Bee Gees with his mom, followed by Adam Ant & INXS without his mom.


TJ’s favorite ‘80s movie of all time is Better Off Dead and he believes that Monty Python can do no wrong.  He’s a fan of Food Network, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, and the fact that Big Bang Theory is on 436 times a day.


TJ always thought that when he had kids they’d think he was the coolest dad ever for being on the radio.  They remind him every day that he was wrong.