“Spent my summers vacationing to the Jersey Shore.”


I have lived in South Jersey my whole life, growing up in the Marlton/Medford area.  However I spent my summers vacationing to the Jersey Shore, especially LBI, where I grew to love the area.  I am a graduate of Burlington County College and Rowan University where I learned my foundation of my radio knowledge.


After graduation I started working at Greater Media Philadelphia as an onsite Engineer.  After a few years I made my way on air to weekends at WJRZ, which I did for about two years, including making it through two Hurricanes, an experience I will never forget! Then finally I made my way to being your over night guy at 100.1 WJRZ!


I am also complete concert/festival junkie and love love love seeing live music (maybe why I had no money in college).  Another of my other favorite activities/personal interests is camping and kayaking in the Pine Barrens. And yes I will admit it, I am big Philadelphia sports fan growing up on the Philly side of Jersey, leading too many years of torment…explains a lot about me.


But… I could not be more excited to be with you every single night, and living and working in such an amazing place, it’s truly dream come true!