“Jersey Shore radio veteran of 13 years.”


Originally from Brooklyn NY, Matt crossed the Verrazano Bridge and Outerbridge Crossing to pursue his dream career of being on the air.  Now, he’s here to wake you up with Jersey’s Greatest Hits on 100.1 WJRZ!


Matt’s interests include (but not limited to):  A fine game of poker, attending concerts, social media, keeping his pasty white skin out of the sun as much as possible so he doesn’t spontaneously combust, and being an avid fan of the New York Giants, New York Rangers, New York Mets and New York Knicks.


But most importantly, his passion is being on the radio.  “I couldn’t be happier to be here at WJRZ.  I grew up with the music that we’re playing now and LOVE that this station is on the air!  I hope to make your morning commute a little more enjoyable!”