Bob O'Brien

As a teenager, I was unsure what I wanted to be.  I narrowed it down to either “drug kingpin” or “radio DJ.” 

Much to my parents chagrin, I opted for the seedier of the two professions and attended Seton Hall University to study Communication and work on their campus radio station, WSOU-FM. 

At the same time, I was touring with New Jersey’s own Duprees of “You Belong To Me” fame, singing as their top tenor.  I later became “Wind” in Earth, Wind and Fire and had a decision to make – music or radio. 

To the dismay of my Program Director, I chose radio and except for a brief stint as Whoopi Goldberg’s personal scratcher, I was fortunate to have been on-air in great cities such as Boston, Washington DC, Tampa, Orlando, Denver and Southern California.  Look out Jersey, I’m back now…and loving it!

Things You Didn’t Know About Bob O’Brien:

1 – Was the third Darrin on “Bewitched”
2 – Was what Willis “was talkin’ ‘bout.”
3 – Is definitely sponge-worthy.
4 – Watches WAY too much television (and writes about it, too including his latest book about “The Odd Couple”-seen below.)